• Movement: WASD or Left Stick
  • Interact: Left click or South Button
  • Switch: Shift or North Button
  • Hug and Cheer: Right Click or West Button


A very short puzzle game in the style of It Takes Two. Two small puppies got lost on their way through the forest and need to make their way through several puzzles to find their way home. A game for the Brackeys 2022.2 "You're not alone" jam.

We had many ideas, but unfortunately ran short of time to get them all in!


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This was fun! Would love to see a longer version with more puzzles. Artwork is nice too!

Glad you liked it! We had plans for more but ran out of time. I had timed switches to add for more complicated puzzles, but didn't get the sounds ready in time so we left them out.

It´s so very beautiful! How big is your team? I totally enjoyed this one!

Thanks! There were two of us working on this. We thought there would be a lot of horror entries in this jam so we went in a different direction. :)